Art-Marfa. Gallery-performance. Konstantin Prusov
Art-Marfa. Gallery-performance. Konstantin Prusov

Where can you see the paintings?

Of course, at the museum or at the exhibition. And also at the artist's studio or, due to modern Internet space, on the author's personal website. 

But just watching is so boring! So Konstantin made up the unusual project – a journey to the world of his art images together with a Russian beauty Marfa. She is already waiting for us, viewers – with light-brown braid, blush on her cheeks and tender and dreamy look. 

«Journey with Marfa» has a lively, dynamic and constantly evolving content. Visit more often and you will know many new and exciting things, you will get a lot of fun from watching splendid art. 

Idea, design – Konstantin Prusov

Text – Olga Kurzhukova, Konstantin Prusov 

Translated – Marina Ustinova

Ideas – Svetlana Vlasova


Many thanks to my Mother, Pablo and my friends for staying close!